Woody's Shave Lather Moisturizing Shaving Cream Soap 6 oz


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Woody's Shave Lather
Moisturizing Shave Cream 177 ml - 6 fl oz
Radical new shave technology transforms our moisturizing shave cream into a rich, luxurious, self lathering cream which thinks it's an aerosol foam. You'll instantly see and feel the difference. Your beard is in the perfect position for your razor to shave its absolute closest without razor burn or skin irritation. Shave smooth, close and fast.

Directions: Wet face with warm water. Apply a small amount to your palms. Work into a lather. Apply to your beard. Shave with the grain. If you miss a spot or need to retrace your steps just add a little water to your face and work into a lather. No need to add more cream to your face. Finish with Woody's Soothing Post Shave Balm.