Woody's Beard & Tattoo Oil 1oz


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Woody's Beard & Tattoo Oil For Men 1oz
Balanced Moisture for Facial Hair and Skin

Woody's takes the traditional Beard Oil and makes it entirely new by combining essential oils in a unique blend for the ultimate control and shine. Our special blend of these Macadamia, Moringa and Kukui Nut, oils adds shine as they help to prevent dry, itchy skin. Woody's special formula helps to soothe, moisturize and invigorate skin and facial hair as it delivers the nutrients your skin and facial hair needs.

APPLICATION FOR BEARD:  Apply a couple of drops to the palm of your hands. Spread over your hands and apply to beard. Work into the beard down to the skin. 

APPLICATION FOR TATTOO:  CAUTION Do not touch dropper tip to the skin or allow it to come into contact with the skin surface. Apply a couple of drops and work onto the surface and surrounding area of your ink. For very dry skin: Allow the oil to penetrate before applying a second application. May be used as often as desired. May also be used on dry skin patches, elbows and knees or wherever additional moisture maybe needed.