Wahl Essentials Combo Taper 2000 Hair Clipper + AC Trimmer 8329


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Wahl 5 Star Essentials Clipper & Trimmer Combo
Model: 8329

Professional high quality clipper and AC-powered trimmer set for all your hair cutting needs. This duo is an essential. The Wahl Essentials Combo features the Taper 2000 Clipper and AC Trimmer in black and gold. The Taper 2000 Clipper is powered by a standard electro-magnetic motor and cuts through hair wet or dry. The adjustable blade lever allows for variable taper and texture. The Wahl Taper 2000 is perfect for students due to its lightweight and stainless steel blades. The AC Trimmer is durable, dependable, and undoubtedly powerful. It is a great tool for trimming and outlining around the face, ears, and neck. Get your career started off on the right foot with the Essentials Combo!

Professional Features:

  • Lever Adjusts Taper & Texture
  • High Precision Blades
  • Compact-Size Trimmer
  • Taper Lever Clipper

Includes: Professional Trimmer, Precision Trimmer. 6 Clipper Cutting Guides (1/8" - 1"), Oil, Cleaning Brush, Operating Instructions, and Blade Guards