Wahl 5 Star Cordless Legend Professional Hair Clipper 8594


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Wahl 5-Star Cordless Legend Professional Clipper
Model: 8594

Designed for soft line fading and seamless blends longer blend range and clipper over comb techniques

What sets the Cordless Legend apart from the Cordless Senior and Magic Clip? It's the Stretch-Bracket., this bracket gives the Barber/Stylist the longer cut lengths needed for fades and will help remove any lines of demarcation to ensure seamless blends (0.7mm-1.7mm). Our Educators currently use the Senior to debulk and take the dense hair out, following it by the legend to reach those longer lengths higher on the head for fades and finish with the magic clip for blending. The Wedge Blade on the Legend is NOT meant to be “Zero-Gapped” but the motor is stronger than a magic clip. Lastly, every machine will come with an 8 pack of our premium cutting guides and the premium metal taper lever

COMPLETE FADE BLADE maximum fade range, ideal for longer length fading and tapering wide range blade adjustment lever with cutting range from 0.7mm to 1.7mm

BLADES ENGINEERED FOR SUPERIOR FEEDING & CUTTING PERFORMANCE precision wedge blade with deeper, longer teeth perfectly feeds thick and textured hair for smooth bulk hair remove and is not found on any other clipper

MAXIMUM CONTINUOUS POWER high performance motor that won’t bog down on wet or dry hair cord/cordless capability with up to 100 minute cutting time

SMART LED always know your charge level led indicator solid is full charge, flash is low charge, pulse is charging

HIGH DURABILITY metal taper lever and switch includes 8 patented premium cutting guides and 6 additional unique industry patents

    Accessories: Charging stand, 8 Attachment Combs, Oil, Cleaning Brush, Instructions, & Red Blade Guard