Wahl 5 Star Barber Combo Legend Clipper & Hero Trimmer 8180


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Wahl 5-Star Barber Combo Legend Clipper + Hero Trimmer

Professional Features:

  • The 5 Star Legend comes equipped with a v9000 motor that runs faster and cooler than a standard electromagnetic motor clipper.
  • The 5 Star Legend features "crunch" blade technology for a smooth, clean cut.
  • Clipper blade features longer teeth and an enhanced taper for a longer throw, making this this ultimate fading tool.
  • The 5 Star hero is a miniature t-blade trimmer that is excellent for lining and artwork.
  • This lightweight trimmer has all the power of a normal clipper with its rotary motor.
  • Made in the USA

5-Star Legend Clipper Designed For:
Ideal for soft line fading and seamless blends. The extended clipper blade lever provides a longer blend range and “crunch” blade technology gives the stylist a smoother cut.

5-Star Hero Trimmer Designed for:
Extremely-close lining with adjustable t-blade makes finishing and detailed tattooing easy.

Accessories: 8 clipper attachment combs, 3 t-blade guards, oil, cleaning brush, instructions, proset tool, and red blade guard