StyleCraft On-The-Go Barber Stylist Tool Case Mirror SC328B Travel Organizer


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StyleCraft On-the-Go Barber & Stylist Styling Tool Case

Product Features:

  • DURABLE, LIGHTWEIGHT, WATER RESISTANT – look no further for the perfect tool case for barbers and stylists when you need to store your precious tools and on-the-go

  • PERFECT FOR TRAVEL, STORAGE, business trips and other uses like maintenance kits, tools, blades, guards, extra lids, etc.

  • MULTIPLE COMPARTMENTS, zippered pockets, and a carry strap for convenience

  • MATTE BLACK DURABLE FABRIC, soft outer material with adjustable inner sections

  • QUALITY MIRROR inset into the lid of the case for styling

  • BLACK STAINLESS-STEEL hooks and rings to apply for straps and storage

  • ELASTIC LOOPS for brushes and tools on inner panel