Layrite Daily Shampoo 10 fl oz


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Layrite Daily Shampoo 10 fl oz

Energizing Shampoo that leaves hair clean, Healthy and ready to style!

Crafted for Barbers, by Barbers, Layrite Daily Shampoo is designed to leave your hair feeling clean, healthy, soft...and ready to style.  It's rich lather is packed with effective Eucalyptus and Hemp natural oils designed to attract and dissolve dirt and styling products that can weigh your hair down. Yet, it leaves protective natural oils behind that can help soothe dry, itchy scalps. It's awakening fragrance will leave you feeling fresh and alert.

Directions: Apply small amount to wet hair. Massage gently to lather. Let sit for one minute. Rinse thoroughly. For best results follow with Layrite Moisturizing Conditioner