Graham Sanek Neck Strips Full Case


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Graham Professional Sanek Neck Strips
1 Case of 4 cartons

Keep your customer's neck clean and protected with Sanek neck strips.

In most states, neck protection is required to prevent soiled hair-cutting capes from touching clients’ skin. Ours feature superior strength and stretch for maximum comfort and hygiene.

Made of a soft, highly absorbent tissue, SANEK® Neck Strips catch loose hair and absorb perspiration and drips. They stretch to comfortably fit around the customer's neck, keeping it clean and protected. SANEK® Neck Strips cost a little over a penny a piece versus paper towels at 5¢ and a cloth towel at 10¢

Case Breakdown: 60 Strips per package - 12 Packages per carton - 4 cartons in this case!