Enzo Milano Bi-Tube Large 13MM to 16MM Clipless Salon Hair Curling Iron

Enzo Milano

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Enzo Milano Bi-Tube Large 13MM to 16MM Clipless Curling Iron

When you are looking for the type of technology that creates the most advanced, traffic stopping looks, then look no further than the 13mm to 16mm Bi-Tube Clipless Curling Iron. An imaginative invention that combines two barrels that vary in size and length, your style will benefit through the use of the ½ inch barrel and the use of the larger ¾ inch barrel. A well-kept secret in Hollywood and an insider’s tool in creating camera ready styles, the Bi-Tube Clipless Curling Iron will wrap your hair in a figure eight pattern over and between the barrels, providing for finger wave patterns that are not only beautiful, but quick and easy, too. Great for use on medium and long hair, gain the capability of creating one of a kind up-dos, and popular vintage looks fashionable today. Or, pile on a new level of texture and let your locks flow. Coupled with a new level of unique possibility, the Bi-Tube provided endless opportunity for eye-popping looks.

Professional Features:

  • The most advanced clipless iron and equipped with TRIBOSTATIC Technology and ergonomic design
  • Two barrels with different size and length; smaller barrel has a ½ inch diameter and the larger has a ¾ inch barrel
  • Designed to allow wrapping of the hair in a figure eight pattern over and between the barrels; creates beautiful and easy finger wave patterns
  • Great for use on medium to long hair; results in popular vintage looks, up-dos and editorial looks with supreme texture
  • Easy glide barrel, and quick cleaning, simply wipe the barrel to avoid residue build-up
  • Non-stick coated barrel and 8 foot tangle-free cord
  • 100% Heat Resistant Safety Glove included with purchase