Elchim Two-in-one Cocoon Bi-Diffuser For 2001 & Milano Hair Dryers


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Elchim Two-in-one Cocoon Diffuser

The Elchim Cocoon two in one diffuser is perfect for creating fantastic volume. The compact, functional innovative design allows for fast coupling of the two components. Can be used as just as a finger diffuser or add the vent cap for increased air diffusing. Fits Elchim 2001 & Milano hair dryers.

Professional Features:

  • Compact, functional and innovative design
  • Dries up curly hair in a fast and natural way
  • Control air-set without messing up the hair
  • The two components can be superposed
  • Front panel to fix the air-set without messing up the hair
  • Parabola integrated to the body
  • Perforated surface with high diffusing efficiency
  • Reduced body length, elegant profile and smooth surface for easier cleaning
  • Conic pins with innovative geometry, modeled for a fast drying near the scalp
  • Fits Elchim 2001 & Milano hair dryers