Desktop Salon Beauty Appliance Holder With Power Outlet For Hair Dryer Curling Flat Iron


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Professional Desktop Salon Appliance Holder With Power Outlet Socket

Made with top quality metal in a stylish hammer tone finish. Appliance holders have heat resistant inserts and can hold up to 1 blow dryer, 3 curling irons and 2 flat irons. With a multipurpose socket mounted on the front for easy access. Appliance holder cavities taper in towards their bottoms except for the center circle holder which has no bottom.


  • Circle Holder Diameters: 13/16" - 1" - 1+3/16"
  • Center Circle Holder Diameter: 2+9/16"
  • Left & Right Flat Iron Holders: 1" wide by 3+1/8" tall
  • Outside Unit Dimensions: 10"w, 5.5"h, 7.25" deep
  • Electricity: Maximum 2000Watts, Maximum 250Volts