Common Wealth Classic Vintage Shaving Wood Set Safety & Straight Edge Razor Shave Brush

Common Wealth

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Common Wealth 3 Piece Classic Wood Shaving Kit Gift Set
The comfort of a professional barber shop at home!

The Common Wealth Classic Shaving Set will surely be the highlight of your daily grooming needs! Enjoy shaving the way your father and grandfather did with the comfort of a barber shop shave at home.

Common Wealth Classic
Wood Straight Edge Razor

  • Vintage style classic straight razor
  • Perfect for a traditional close, smooth barber shave without the trouble of stropping and honing a traditional straight razor
  • Clean up necklines, line up hairlines, finish sideburns and give your client the ultimate shaving experience

Common Wealth Classic Wood Safety Razor

  • Butterfly design safety provides a smooth, close shave without irritation

Derby Extra Stainless Steel Razor Blades 10-Pack

  • Designed to fit all double edge / safety razors 
  • ?Individually packaged razor blades with a chromium-ceramic, tungsten, platinum and polymer-coating for optimum comfort and closeness.
  • The milder edge allows the blade is ideal for those with a bit more sensitive skin.
  • Use for shaving face, neckline & sideburns

Common Wealth Classic Wood Shave Brush

  • Hand-crafted wood handle brush
  • Gently exfoliates skin for the closest possible shave
  • Ergonomic handle