Andis Women's Personal Hair Trimmer 6-Piece Home Kit 24630 For Hairline Arms Bikini


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Andis Women's Personal Trimmer 6-Piece Home Kit

Personal Trimming without irritation - Refine your look down to the individual follicle with the Andis Women’s Personal Trimmer, 6-Piece Kit— comfortable, compact power for everyday shaping and trimming. 


Create your look, your way. Trim longer hair or get precision shaping on the arms, bikini area or hairline with our sleek, ergonomically designed Women’s Trimmer. The cordless design lets you find your angle, making it easy to shape up those hard-to-reach places. And say goodbye to bumps and uncomfortable tugging since this trimmer has stainless-steel blades and constant power. Two easy snap-on attachment combs provide customizable cutting lengths, so you can get the exact look you want. When you’re done, the blades detach for easy cleaning. The Andis Women’s Personal Trimmer, 6-Piece Kit, because no detail is too small.