AGE Beautiful Sheer Gloss Weightless Serum 4oz


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AGE Beautiful by Zotos Sheer Gloss Weightless Serum

AGEbeautiful is the first hair care line formulated with Phyto-Collagen & Keratin Peptide Protein.These scientifically advanced formulas replenish hair with the essential components that are lost with aging.

AGEbeautiful’s sheer gloss weightless serum is an alcohol-free shine serum that instantly makes hair incredibly shiny, moisturized & silky. AGEbeautiful’s sheer gloss weightless Serum is rich in Acai oil, fatty acids & antioxidants that directly combat aging and leave hair healthy, soft & silky.The lightweight serum increases hair’s shine by 3 times and is professionally tested to leave hair polished and smooth.

AGEbeautiful sheer gloss weightless serum is for all hair types. With just a small amount, even fine, thin hair can experience stunning shine without worry. Start with a dime-sized amount or less applied to clean, damp hair to help detangle and add softness. Use on dry hair to add immediate, stunning shine & tame any fly-aways. Use more throughout the day, as needed, for added shine.

Product Benefits:

  • Rich in essential fatty acids & antioxidants
  • Phyto-Collagen & Keratin Peptide Protein
  • Contains Acai Oil
  • Alcohol-free
  • Color safe